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The University of Dundee Health and Safety Policy

Policy Statement

As the governing body of the University of Dundee, the University Court accepts its legal and moral responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of staff, students and others affected by the University's activities. To discharge this responsibility, Court provides leadership and support to sustain the importance of health, safety and welfare as part of the University’s programme of effective governance and risk control. The University is committed to following best practice in relation to corporate governance and risk control and seeks to implement sector guidance such as the Scottish Code of Good Higher Education Governance (2017 edition) and Leadership and Management of Health and Safety in Higher Education Establishments (2015).

The University Court has adopted this policy to promote excellence in the health and safety performance of the University's activities of teaching, research and associated undertakings. The University will work proactively to seek compliance with all health and safety legal requirements. The University aims to effect continual improvements in the health, safety and welfare of staff, students and other people affected by the University's activities.

The University Court, through transparent delegation of duties, takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all staff, students and other persons under its control are competent and accept their health and safety responsibilities.  The Court requires all staff and students to co-operate in achieving a high standard of health and safety performance and encourages all staff and students in pursuit of this goal, recognising and rewarding achievements. 

The University Court will ensure that it is kept informed of health and safety risk management issues and that overall health and safety performance is reviewed regularly by external auditors. It will monitor progress against key performance indicators on a regular basis. This Policy will be kept under annual review through the People & Organisational Development Committee.

This Health and Safety Policy Statement was approved by University Court on 13th June 2019.

Professor Andrew Atherton Ronnie Bowie
(Principal) (Court Chairperson)
The full Health and Safety policy document and arrangements can be accessed here: Health and Safety Policy and Arrangements.