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Health and Safety Law

The following information was prepared by the Health and Safety Executive. All employers are obliged by law to bring it to the attention of their employees.

Health and Safety Law - What you should know

Below is a brief guide to health and safety law. It does not describe the law in detail, but it does list the key points.

Your employer has a duty under the law to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, your health, safety and welfare at work.

Your employer must consult you or your safety representative on matters relating to your health and safety at work, including:

In general, your employer's duties include:

In particular, your employer must:

As an employee you have legal duties too. They include:

If you think there is a health and safety problem in your workplace you should first discuss it with your employer, supervisor or manager. You may also wish to discuss it with your safety representative, if there is one. You, your employer or your safety representative can get information on health and safety In confidence by calling HSE's InfoLine telephone service on 0845 3450055.

If you think your employer is exposing you to risks or is not carrying out legal duties, and you have pointed this out without getting a satisfactory answer, you can contact the enforcing authority for health and safety in your workplace. Health and safety inspectors can give advice on how to comply with the law. They also have powers to enforce it. HSE's Employment Medical Advisory Service can give advice on health at work. You can contact them at the addresses below. You can get advice on general fire precautions etc. from the Fire Brigade or your fire officer.

Names and addresses of health and safety representatives

Pamela Proctor
School of Medicine
Tel: Ext 83984

David Ritchie
School of Engineering, Physics & Mathematics
Tel:  Ext 84367

Ian Ellis
School of Dentistry
Tel: Ext 2-35892

Names and addresses of health and safety enforcing authorities for the University's activities

Health and Safety Executive,
Belford House,
59 Belford Road,
Edinburgh, EH4 3UE
Tel: 0131-247 2000

Health and Safety Executive InfoLine
Tel: 0845 345 0055

More detailed guidance on health and safety law is set out in HSE priced publications such as:

"Essentials of health and safety at work"
HSE Books
ISBN 071760716X

and in free leaflets such as

"An introduction to health and safety" INDG259
HSE Books.

Full details of HSE publications can be found on HSE's Web site

All HSE publications are available from
HSE Books,
PO Box 1999,
CO10 2WA

Tel: 01787 881165
Fax: 01787 313395

HSE priced publications are also available from good booksellers.