We are continually keeping our rooms up to date including upgrading AV and IT equipment, redecorating and refurnishing. If you encounter an issue with a booked room, please let the right people know so we can deal with it promptly.

Audio-Visual and IT equipment

Please report any problems with audio-visual or IT equipment in centrally-managed teaching rooms to UoD IT.

Email: help4u@dundee.ac.uk
Telephone: extension 88000
Web: Help4U
AV or IT support is available from IT staff during the hours of Monday-Friday 0900-1700

You should also contact UoD IT:

  • If are you in any doubt about how to use the AV or IT equipment in any centrally-managed rooms to arrange a demonstration.
  • You require additional equipment
  • If you are non University staff wishing to use the AV or IT equipment. Plese contact the service desk before your event to arrange access.

Projection booths in teaching rooms are only accessible to IT staff

Blackboards and Whiteboards

All centrally-managed rooms are equipped with whiteboards, which provide a cleaner working environment, particularly as the provision of electronic equipment in teaching rooms increases and standardises.

Lecturers are expected to bring their own whiteboard pens, which should be obtained through their School office. They are also available from the DUSA shop (building 43 on the campus map - near the Student Enquiry Centre which is building 48) in the event of emergencies. 

Please ensure that only the correct NON PERMANENT, DRY MARKER pens are used! Use of overhead projector or ordinary felt-tip pens could render the boards unusable until they have received specialist cleaning. Whiteboard erasers are provided in each room. These have peelable layers, which should be removed one by one as they become clogged. When the last layer has been well used, contact the Estates Helpdesk for a new eraser:

Email: EBRepairs@dundee.ac.uk
Telephone: extension 88181 (up to 1700 hrs); extension 88188 (after 1700 hrs)
Web: Repairs Request

Please ensure that boards are left clean and ready for the next teaching session, and that you do not write on projector screens.


Cleaning of teaching rooms is carried out by Precinct Services under the direction of:

Mr C Stebbing
Superintendent of Cleaning
Estates and Buildings department
Telephone: 84023 or 84423

Please contact: 

  • Estates & Buildings (in the event of cleaning problems in relation to pooled lecture/seminar/meeting rooms. See contact details above) 
  • IT Service Desk (in the event of cleaning or other maintenance problems in relation to IT suites. See contact details above)


A battery-run clock has been installed in every pooled teaching room. Please report any teaching room clocks which are not working to Estates & Buildings (see contact details above).


Flipchart stands are no longer bookable and are now permanently installed in a selection of teaching and meeting rooms. 'Flipchart stand' is now a searchable object within Web Room Bookings). Users are expected to provide their own flipchart pens. Paper should be available in the rooms but there are also spare supplies at the Tower and Dalhousie reception desks. If more is needed, contact Estates & Buildings.

Furniture and Fittings

Please report any defects to Estates & Buildings.