This is an overview of the type of equipment and facilities available in our bookable rooms.  The individual room pages on our Catalogue page have more details of all the facilities installed.

Audio-visual (AV) and IT facilities overview

In terms of equipment, centrally managed teaching and meeting rooms are considered in three broad categories:

  • Level 1:
    • Blackboard or whiteboard
    • projection equipment (where room is of sufficient size to warrant it)
    • screen
  • Level 2:
    • Level 1 plus extended IT facilities (PC, and data projector or large monitor screen)
  • Level 3:
    • Level 2 plus extended AV facilities
    • DVD or Blu-ray playback
    • VHS playback in some cases
    • associated audio
    • visualiser

Every centrally-managed room has a PC with the managed desktop and display or control equipment appropriate for the its size. This ranges from our smallest rooms with a large display monitor, to small or medium sized rooms with single projection, to larger rooms or lecture theatres with twin projection facilities.

Microphones are provided where required; every room has laptop connectivity and wireless presenters; and most have visualisers. The majority of rooms now have Blu-Ray or DVD playback as VHS is being gradually phased out. See room catalogue for full equipment lists.

AV and IT Support

See information on our Maintenance and Repairs web page.

Induction loop systems

Induction loop systems for those with hearing impairments have been installed in the following rooms:

Tower Building:

Carnegie Building:

Carnelley Building:

Fulton Buliding:

Harris Building:

Matthew Building:

Medical Sciences Institute:

Scrymgeour Building:


Other Facilities


Flipcharts are no longer bookable through the IT Teaching Support Team. Flipchart stands have been permanently installed in a selection of teaching and meeting venues - see individual room pages for details, and also note that 'Flipchart Stand' is now a searchable object within Web Room Bookings. Schools are required to bring their own flipchart pens. Paper should be available in the rooms. There are spare flipchart pads available at Dalhousie reception desk. If more is needed, contact the Estates & Buildings helpdesk (ext 88181).


The following instructions have been supplied by IT with regard to standard teaching room users wishing to make a conference call. Teaching Room phones have only internal/emergency call access, and external conference calls cannot be made from these phones. Users are therefore asked to log a call with the Help4U (ext 88000) and arrange to borrow the IT Conference phone. This would need to be done well in advance of the meeting to ensure there were no problems connecting up the phone etc. Users would collect the phone from IT Reception and return it when finished. They would also have to supply an account code and any call charges would be recharged to them.