Social Justice

Building sustainable futures in the light of Climate Change, enabling social change, resilient communities and places in the context of today’s ageing societies

Our Social Justice research informs policy and practice to address global challenges and the Sustainable Development Goals. It asks questions such as how will sustainable futures in the context of Climate Change and Net Zero look like? It provides answers for the governance of energy transitions, for addressing social change and inequalities, for enhancing educational practice and pedagogy. It does this by involving policy makers and people and communities locally and globally. It integrates research across our interdisciplinary themes, for example by applying science and technology in the justice system to change practice in forensic science.

Research stories

Global Social Justice

An innovative participatory research project following the lives of street children and youth as they grow up on the streets of African cities
Growing Up on the Streets

Social Work Education

Social work education and workforce development practice is being transformed across Scotland based on our research
Transforming social work education in Scotland

Science and Justice

The Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science was established in 2016, engaging interdisciplinary research across all the University's research themes
Developing forensic science using research, innovation and technology

Sustainable Futures

We work with industry and policy makers globally in the transition to clean, sustainable energy and renewables
Sustainable and Just Energy Transitions