Innovative Technology

Innovating Technological Solutions to Tomorrow’s Problems

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We are a leading innovation university, with research that seeks to develop technological solutions to societal challenges. It ranges from advanced materials to biomedical and space technologies, using Artificial Intelligence.

Research stories

Space research

Our space research dates back to breakthroughs in aerospace engineering and space technology, such as R&D taken forward by our spinout company STAR-Dundee, which specialises in spacecraft on-board data-handling and processing technologies.
Our space research, including collaboration with CERN


A tool for early diagnosis and treatment of liver disease
Intelligent Liver Function Testing

Advanced Materials

We research advanced materials which can contribute to achieving the aims of the Circular economy and Net Zero with innovative technology applied in future manufacturing and construction industries
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Revolutionising drug design

Targeted protein degradation is an entirely novel approach that provides hope of treating diseases previously thought to be undruggable
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