The research of Professor Frank M Sullivan has played a pivotal role in improving the condition of sufferers of Bell’s Palsy.

Changing clinical practice in Bell’s Palsy

This multicentre research study, led by Professor Frank M Sullivan from the University of Dundee, demonstrated that in patients with Bell’s Palsy (where no best treatment had been defined), early treatment with prednisolone significantly improved the chances of complete recovery at three and nine months. 

This complex randomised controlled trial recruited 551 incident cases from primary care. It demonstrated no evidence of benefit from aciclovir alone, or in combination with prednisolone. 

The findings led to revisions in the Cochrane reviews on the subject and have been incorporated into national and international guidelines.

Research Impact

  • substantial changes made in prescribing practice for Bell’s Palsy
  • reduced hospital referrals in the UK have been demonstrated

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