Eligibility: Applications are welcome from academic staff working in the areas of Life and Health Sciences.

Remit: Priorities are to provide flexible and reactive support to junior investigators and to provide strategic funding for research that will underpin future fellowship/research grant proposals.  Applicants are reminded that funding is available to support access to our advanced scientific technologies as well as to cover short-term staff and consumable costs.  As a new initiative, support is also available to fund training activities that allow researchers to expand knowledge and skills in innovative cross discipline scientific technologies and promote interdisciplinary collaborations.  All proposals should fall within Wellcome's remit and applicants should note that this scheme is highly competitive.

Calls: Will be open every 4-6 months.  Deadline for applications is 21st of August 2019.

Costings: To apply for bridging and training funds, a PRF doucment is not a requirement and approximate salary costs are sufficient at this stage.   To estimate total salary costs (i.e. with added on costs) the spinal salary point can be multiplied by 1.25 X time period (e.g. 0.5 if for 6 month appointment). Budget requests for consumables or other costs should also be detailed. 

The following application form should be completed and sent to your Head of Division for comment.  Heads of Division are kindly requested to send the completed application to the School of Life Sciences Dean's office using mailbox ISSF@dundee.ac.uk

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