ISSF funds support the following translational medical research initiatives:


A flexible Translation Medical Research Fund (TMRF) was used to link the strongest basic and clinical research across the University of Dundee (2011-2014).  Funding was awarded on a competitive basis and 25 different projects have been supported including; Pump-priming projects, Strategic projects that benefitted several groups across the University and increase overall institutional competitiveness in translational research; and translational medicine (non-clinical) PhD projects.

Tayside Tissue Bank (TTB)

The TTB is a secure bio-repository that holds high quality well-annotated tissue samples for translational research.  The TTB acts as a coordinating unit for other collections of biological materials within Dundee, including the large population-based collections of blood samples such as the Wellcome Trust-funded GoSHARE and GoDARTS and clinical trial materials.

Drug Discovery Unit

Translational Research in Dundee is supported by the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU): a powerful interdisciplinary unit that allows clinical and biological groups to put forward potential drug targets for screening and medicinal chemistry to yield target validation compounds and drug leads.  ISSF funding will continue to underpin a core drug discovery team in the DDU.  The ISSF will continue to support the “Innovative Targets Portfolio (ITP)” that allows the translation of innovative science into compound screening and early stage drug discovery.  The use of ISSF to support the DDU is key to our ambition to accelerate the application of academic research towards therapeutics for improved health outcomes.  It supports our vision to facilitate a sustainable culture of research translation for Dundee investigators.

Case Studies