ISSF has funded start-up packages (equipment, PhD studentships, laboratory consumables and relocation costs) for the recruitment of outstanding biomedical researchers. These new recruits work across cell and molecular biology, bacteriology, immunology, parasitology and drug discovery.

The ISSF has also been used to provide bridging support for researchers experiencing short-term funding gaps. This flexible and reactive support has enabled PhD students and investigators to generate data for key publications and successful grant/fellowship applications.  Since 2011, over 27 different projects have been supported.

In addition, the ISSF has been used to support programmes targeted at the next generation of scientists.  Vacation Scholarships have enabled science and medical students to gain practical research experience.  ISSF has supported bursaries for our International Summer School in Gene Regulation and Expression and supported multi-disciplinary undergraduate teams for the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition.  Dundee iGEM teams have been extremely successful with all the teams from 2012-2014 scooping major prizes that are awarded.

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