The University offers a wide range of training and development opportunities for postgraduate researchers and is committed to providing a supportive, stimulating and structured framework in which to conduct research and develop professional skills and a career portfolio.


The  ‌offers students a wide range of opportunities and compliments other training and development.

The ‌ has been compiled by OPD to offer its postgraduate researchers a range of opportunities to continue their personal, professional and career development. It provides students with a wide range of opportunities for developing key skills to help with the PhD process as well as more transferable skills. The programme complements other training and development offered at a School level as well as national opportunities and aims to equip postgraduate researchers to become more proactive and effective at managing their careers, both within and outside academia.

Postgraduate Associations

Below we have a list of active postgraduate associations that can be found throughout the University:

Resource Library

The University has built up a large range of resource material designed for research staff and students. Listed below are some examples of these documents.

Visit the Researcher resources to view our full catalogue.

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A series of workshops for postgraduate researchers

Results from the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey