The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018. All researchers should familiarise themselves with, and take account of, the new guidance ( before submitting an application for ethics review and approval. Revised ethics forms and guidance materials will be made available during the summer. 

Applicants must read and follow the University of Dundee Code of Practice for Non-Clinical Research Ethics on Human Participants

All research projects involving human participants must have appropriate ethical approval before they begin. To determine whether your project requires ethical approval please use Checklist 1.

If after using Checklist 1 you are still unsure whether your project requires ethical approval, please contact the Convener of the relevant SREC.

Checklist 2 will be used to determine whether your application is low, medium or high risk. Depending on the risk level you will be required to use one of two forms. Form A is required for low risk applications, Form B needs to be used if the application is medium or high risk.

All applications must contain the following documents:

Please submit the application form, Checklist 2 and any other required documents by e-mail to the relevant School Research Ethics Committee (SREC). Committees and contact details can be found below:

Art and Design

Dentistry/Nursing&Health Sciences
Education & Social Work
Medicine/Life Sciences
Science and Engineering

Social Sciences/Humanities

School of Social Sciences:


Research Postgraduate Students

Taught Postgraduate Students

Undergraduate Students

School of Humanities:

All Staff and Students

The research must not start until ethical approval has been issued.

You should hear from the reviewers within 3 weeks of submission of your application, but reviews may take longer during vacation time.

Study duration

The approval normally has a duration of three years, during which the study should be concluded. If the duration of the study is expected to be longer than three years, this should be brought to the attention of the Committee. Approval can then be given for up to 5 years. Only in exceptional circumstances can approval be given for study durations longer than 5 years. Justification is required if approval is sought for studies that are expected to run for more than five years.

Changes to approved studies

Approval of a study applies only to the submitted documents and the agreed Study Protocol.  If Researchers wish to make any subsequent changes, no matter how minor, then they must notify the SREC in writing or by email outlining the changes that are desired accompanied by the updated documents.

Ethical standards

All researchers must abide by the University of Dundee Code of Practice for Non-Clinical Research Ethics on Human Participants.

The University may audit projects to ensure that ethical standards are being maintained.  Researchers should also follow the guidelines of other relevant bodies.