University of Dundee, Scotland's Most Innovative University (Reuters, 2017)‌‌

University of Dundee, UK's Most Influential University (Nature Index, 2017)

University of Dundee, UK's Most Effective Publisher (Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 2018)

Scotland's most innovative university

We are among Europe's Most Innovative Universities - those who are doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies, and help drive the global economy. In the 2017 Reuters ranking, we are top in Scotland, 5th in the UK and 21st across the whole of Europe.

UK's most influential university

The 2017 Nature Index ranks us No 1 in the UK at influencing innovation. We're the only UK university in the Top 50 globally. The Index measures the influence of our research on third party patents, reflecting the impact of our research on industry and the economy.

We are also the world's most influential scientific research institution in pharmaceuticals, beating MIT to the top spot in Clarivate Analytics  State of Innovation Report 2017.

We're the most influential scientific research institutions in pharmaceuticals - Clarivate Analytics State of Innovation Report 2017

UK's most effective publisher

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018 puts us top in the UK and No 7 on their global list of most effective publishers, identifying Dundee as a university with impressive research performance, high in the rankings for research quality, citations and impact.

Top of the rankings for impact

We are Top 10 in the UK for research income from industry, in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018.

We are the top young University (aged under 50 years) in the UK for research, citations and industry income in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2017.

We are rated among the world’s best universities in terms of impact of scientific research, being placed 28th in the 2017 CWTS Leiden Rankings.

You can read more about The University of Dundee Rankings here.

Transforming Lives

Research addressing Global Challenges at the University of Dundee.

Our Schools

The University of Dundee is organised into nine schools containing multiple disciplines. In addition, all of these schools have associated research centres or units.

Our Research Staff


Among our current staff are:

Research Integrity

‌‌‌We have produced an online, video-based training resource -

Responsible and Ethical Practice in Research and Publication

- designed to promote researcher awareness and engagement with research integrity issues. The resource incorporates videos, quizzes and case studies. For more information, or enquire about licensing the material, visit: Research Integrity Online Modules

Responsible and Ethical Practice in Research and Publication - a University of Dundee training resource