Timetabling into Calendars (TIC) gives academic staff access to their teaching commitments through their Outlook calendar.

There will be regular feeds from the Central Timetabling System to individual staff members Outlook calendars. Changes will be reflected at each refresh every 15 minutes.

  • There will be no impact on any other appointments in your calendar
  • Changes can only be made by the Central Timetabling (CT) team
  • You will not be able to manually remove or modify a teaching events from in your calendar if it has been populated through TIC from Central Timetabling – if you delete/modify an appointment the original will be added back the next time a refresh is done  
  • There will be a regular refresh to your Outlook calendar approximately every 15 minutes
  • Calendar?appointments?will?include?details?of?day/time,?location,?module,?activity?type,?and?lecture?content, where supplied

How to make changes

Schools supply teaching commitments to the CT team in March/April each year, but also at every point throughout the year. Changes must be notified to the CT team before they occur, otherwise they will not be reflected in your Outlook calendar. This means that any swap or change to your teaching pattern will have to be emailed to the CT team as soon as possible so that the system can be updated and this can then be reflected in your Outlook calendar. 

Support and Feedback

Throughout the year we will want to receive feedback and views from academic staff on this innovative new approach and identify if there are issues or concerns, with a view to addressing these as quickly as possible.  

How to use Outlook

Academic staff will want to be conversant with the use of Outlook 365 to gain the full benefits of this initiative. Video tutorials to assist with this can be viewed at Lynda.com, an online education platform to which the University has a paid for subscription.