Important Announcement if you are funded by SAAS or SLC

The official start date for this session is Monday 16 September 2019 (apart from some courses with earlier start dates in August). Your payments will take 3-5 days after this date to reach your bank accounts.

You must have completed the matriculation process before we can confirm your attendance to SAAS/SLC.

We do not require you to bring in your award letter from SAAS/SLC as we receive SAAS reports weekly and SLC daily so sponsor records are updated regularly. However, you should keep this safe in case we require to see this at a later date. If you receive an invoice for your tuition fees, please notify our Fees Office.

The only SAAS students required to bring in award letters are Graduate Dental students.

Undergraduate Overseas Scholarships are awarded for each year of Full Time study apart from any repeat years. There is no need to apply each year.

The Registry are not responsible for payment of tuition fees. Please refer to the Finance Office tuition fee payment guide.

Yes, students on a compulsory placement year are required to pay tuition fees and should apply to their funding authority in the normal way.