We ensure that all student-related information required by the University and funding authorities is maintained. Our aim is to assist students with some of the practical aspects of being a student, including the following:

  • Matriculation (Entrant / Continuing Students)
  • Change of details
  • Student ID Cards
  • Council Tax Exemption
  • Official Documents
  • Historic Tuition fees
  • Tuition Fees Policy and Information

Student ID cards 

The card acts as proof of identity across the campus and as proof of student status in the wider community. The card is used to gain access to Library, IT and Sports facilities and to some University buildings.

You are expected to display your ID Card at all times when on campus. Your ID Card will be issued to you at matriculation and is intended to last for the duration of your degree studies. 

Replace a lost or worn out ID card

Change of details

Change of address

It is very important that you keep your address details up-to-date. 

You can update your home and semester address (unless you are in University accommodation) via eVision

Change of module/degree programme

You can change your choice of modules within the first 2 weeks of the academic session (some modules may exceptionally permit a later change; please check with your School). Before confirming any change, you must consult your Adviser of Studies. Once you have agreed the change, a Module Change Pro-Forma must be completed. 

If you wish to change degree programme the same procedure applies. It is obviously important that you have discussed this fully with your Adviser before going ahead. Both the losing and gaining School(s) should be made aware of your intentions. Change of degree programme may involve a Transfer of School. If this is the case you should still in the first instance contact your present School Secretary to take this forward.

Failure to carry out the proper procedure might have implications for your individual credit accumulation.

Extensions and discounting periods of study

The University hopes very much that your period of study in Dundee runs smoothly, but it can happen that for some reason things do not go according to plan and you are prevented from working as a result of medical, personal or other serious circumstances. Or it may be the case that you are not able, for the same kinds of reason, to work at a pace which will enable you to complete on time. Colleges are able to approve the award of extensions to a student's period of study or to recommend that a period of study be discounted from the maximum period permissible. If you are experiencing problems which may make it difficult for you to complete on time you should talk in the first instance to your supervisor or to the programme leader about the possible options. You should do this as soon as the difficulty arises. If your supervisor supports the award of a concession s/he or the school will make a case on your behalf to the School. Registry will formally notify you if such a concession is approved.

Evidence of matriculation status for current students

If you are a matriculated current student, you can print out a confirmation letter which certifies details about your status as a student at the University of Dundee through eVision. In addition, you can print out more specific letters for banks. The Guidance for Students Certifying Letters guides you through the process.

A formal/official certificate letter can be requested via the order form

Award confirmation for graduates and former students

We can provide confirmation of award letters for our graduating students. These letters cannot be requested before the date of award and must be requested by the graduate and not by a third party.

The letters include the following information as standard; 

  • Degree title
  • Classification (If applicable)
  • Subject or thesis title (If applicable)
  • Start and end date
  • Mode of Attendance (E.g. Full-time, Part-time)
  • Date of award 

Letters are usually mailed or ready for collection within 2 working days.

I need a transcript of my grades or proof that I was a student here

Tuition fee refund policy

Learn about our fees refund policy