Research Degrees Provision

Higher Degrees - Regulations

Submission of Research Theses

Format of Thesis

In the final stages of the research project all students must be provided with clear instructions on the required format to be submitted for examination purposes – either by the Principal Supervisor or by the Convener of the Examining Committee.

In the Thesis following the acknowledgements, if any, there shall be a signed declaration, that the candidate is the author of the thesis; that, unless otherwise stated, all references cited have been consulted by the candidate; that the work of which the thesis is a record has been done by the candidate, and that it has not been previously accepted for a higher degree: provided that if the thesis is based upon joint research, the nature and extent of the candidate's individual contribution shall be defined.  The University's Print Uni provides a full range of professional print and finishing services and can be contacted at if any candidate required assistance with the preparation of the copies of their thesis.  

For the purposes of initial submission 3 copies of the thesis should be prepared in temporary binding.

Intention to submit

An intention to submit form is available for downloading online. 

It is important that you also read the following documents along with the Intentention to Submit form:

It should be completed 3 months in advance of the proposed date as per the instructions on the Intention to Submit form.

It is the Principal Supervisor responsibility for ensuring the Intention to Submit pro forma is completed and approved at least 3 months prior to the viva voce examination.

A copy of the thesis should be taken to the Student Enquiry Centre. At this point you should ensure that you have completed the Higher Degree Schedule plus complete the tasks on the PGR Submission Checklist.  The Registry copy of the thesis should NEVER be held by the candidate or the candidate’s Supervisor or School awaiting other outstanding paperwork.  It is essential that the thesis is forwarded to Research Records in the Registry so that the submission date can be entered on the candidate’s student record as soon as possible.  If accompanying documentation is missing, the Registry will then hold the thesis awaiting all necessary completed paperwork.

The Student Enquiry Centre will forward the thesis and forms to the Registry.
Once received by Registry an email will be sent to the student, Principal Supervisor and Convener confirming receipt.  Registry will forward this copy of the thesis to the external examiner (There may be a delay in sending a student's thesis to the external examiner if they have any outstanding debt to the University).

The student submits the other two copies to the Principal Supervisor or Convener (if known) for onward transmission to the Convener and internal examiner.

Electronic Submission

The University of Dundee requires that following final examination, and including any required corrections, a digital version of your thesis should be submitted to the University's institutional repository Discovery  The Research Records Office in the Registry will email all candidates with the Discovery upload instructions once the candidate’s final version thesis has been accepted by their Convener on behalf of their Examining Committee.  Candidates please note that the final version thesis MUST NOT be uploaded before receiving this email as the upload validation by the Library and Learning Centre will fail.

Instructions on how to submit your thesis can be found on the Library web pages.

A Thesis Deposit Agreement (TDA) must be also completed online once student submits their thesis.

If further information is required about the procedure for the submission of theses, please contact the Research Records Office, Registry.