The Examinations Office acts on behalf of all schools to provide arrangements for all Examination Diets, Exam Papers, Degree Certificates and Transcripts

You will automatically be entered for your module examinations and we will confirm this is correct with schools. It is possible that your school may contact you to check your module registration.

When are the degree exam diets

Exam diet


Timetable published

Semester 1 diet



Semester 2 diet



Resit diet


At least two weeks before

Where are degree exams held?



Accountancy LR

This is within 1 Perth Road

Bonar Hall

The Main Hall on the ground floor of the Bonar Hall


Rooms in the Dalhousie building are numbered according to their Block and Floor Level.

Sports Hall 2

In the Institute of Sport and Exercise; the entrance to SH2 for exam purposes is in Kincardine Street, the side road between the ISE and Heathfield

Tower IT Suites
(A, B, C D or E)

Located in the Basement of the Tower Building

Preparation and advice

Academic Skills Toolkit & Exam Revision Toolkit are available within My Dundee and have lots of useful information on:

  • Controlling exam stress
  • Exam strategies
  • Preparation tips for your exams


Resit fees

If you have to resit an examination there is an additional fee

One subject


Each additional subject



Examination timetable

View my personal examination timetable


A full version of the current timetable is also available to download from Box


Important Information:

  • Not all Oral or Practical exams are included and students should consult with their schools for these.
  • You should also contact the relevant School for information on course assessment arrangements.
  • If you have an issue with the timetable (e.g. a subject clash), you should seek in the first instance, guidance from your School, who will notify the Examinations Office of any difficulties.
  • Please log in using your full username (e.g.


Timetable changes

Changes can occur to the timetable, therefore please ensure that you recheck your exam details on a regular basis and immediately prior to your examination(s).


Disability Exam Support

All students entitled to extra time will be accommodated in a separate/smaller venue away from the main exam halls. This will allow students to work uninterrupted by the exit of large numbers of students where they will be provided with dedicated invigilation.

If you have been granted additional time for your exams, this will only be permitted within separate or smaller venues (generally within the Tower or Dalhousie Buildings, as per your adjustments).

Exam candidates who are entitled to extra time but choose to attend an exam in the main venue (e.g. Sports Centre, Bonar Hall, Accountancy Lecture Room, main Tower IT Suites) will not be entitled to extra time in that venue. Please make sure that you attend your exam at the correct venue as per your individual timetable

If you no longer intend to sit examinations in a separate venue or wish to sit in the main venue without your allocated extra time, please contact Disability Services  so that they can amend your adjustments and inform the Examinations Office of your decision.

If you have a separate or smaller room as part of your exam adjustments and you are unable to attend your examination, please let us know by contacting the Examinations Office


Deadlines for Exam Adjustments

A deadline is in place for students to arrange additional exam support. This is to help ensure that suitable arrangements are in place for all candidates and their examinations.

If you feel that you may require additional support for your exams, please ensure that you register with Disability Services  in good time and ahead of the deadlines listed below.

Exam Diet

Deadline for Exam Adjustments

9 to 20 December 2019

Friday 22 November 2019

27 April to 29 May 2020

Friday 10 April 2020

6 to 10 July 2020

Friday 19 June 2020


Please note that it may be difficult to obtain an appointment close to these deadlines so we would advise getting in touch with Disability Services as soon as possible.  Additional support for exams must be agreed and documented on your student record by the date of the exam adjustments deadline, prior to each examination diet.

The University has a comprehensive mitigating circumstances guidance and application process for anyone who is experiencing situations which may temporarily or permanently prevent or impair performance in an assessment.


Mitigating Circumstances - Unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances

It is your responsibility to report mitigating circumstances that may have had a significant negative impact on your performance in an assessment or examination, or caused you to miss a deadline for submission of an assignment. 

Schools will normally consider making appropriate allowance for unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances which affect your attendance and performance when they are aware of them.

Find out how to complete the application form and guidance for consideration of mitigating circumstances.

Download the deadline dates when to submit your application


Getting your results

You can view your results in eVision

Results are available all year round except during the examination diets, or the subsequent period of time during which examinations are marked; this is in keeping with standard University policy.*

*this does NOT apply to students in the Nursing & Health Sciences or CEPMLP.

Agreed results will only be made available after ratification by an examination board (usually during the Summer months). If you have any queries relating to your results then you should contact your School in the first instance.

We will email your address to confirm your results. Final year undergraduate students will receive an academic transcript at graduation.

Your final result and classification details will also be made available in eVision.


Assessment scales

Assessment scales can be viewed at