National Student Survey

The National Student Survey (NSS) is targeted at final year undergraduates in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  An explanatory NSS Matters 2015 fact sheet for students and staff on the survey has been co-produced by DUSA and the Directorate of Policy, Governance and Legal Affairs.

The survey, which takes place between January and April each year, provides students with an opportunity to make their opinions on their higher education student experience count at an institutional and at a national level. The results are analysed and used to compile a year on year comparison of data which:

The NSS results are discussed annually at a forum that includes the Vice-Principal (Learning & Teaching). the School Deans and Associate Deans, student representatives and relevant academic and administrative staff.

Since our initial participation with the NSS, annual reports on the outcomes of the survey have been circulated across the University and considered by the University's Learning & Teaching Committee. The reports from 2008-2012 (available to students and staff of the University of Dundee) can be accessed by using the hyperlinks below:

Analyses of the NSS results from 2013 are available to University staff through My Dundee.

The survey results are also available nationally from the Unistats website which provides a range of information on UK universities for prospective students and parents.

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