Welcome to the Quality Framework (QF)

The University’s Quality Framework is in place to support the development of the quality culture at Dundee, and its scope includes quality enhancement (the student learning experience, learning and teaching and the student support environment), quality assurance and academic standards.

Quality and Academic Standards Manual

A 'quick links' ‌ has been produced that contains hyperlinks to all areas that relate to quality and academic standards.


Our Quality Assurance Infrastructure (QAI) is an important component of the Quality Framework. Whilst quality assurance processes are necessary to ensure that we have a robust approach to setting and maintaining academic standards, our processes have been developed, and are under continual review, to support enhancement.

Who to contact

Specific queries about the Quality Framework should be directed in the first instance to the:

Director of Quality and Academic Standards
Dr Lesley McLellan
Tel. +44 (0) 1382 384258

Find more contact details on our Contacts page.

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