Saturday Series

Each year our Saturday Series focuses on a variety of social issues that affect not only our University Community and the wider city but the country as a whole.

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All of this years talks will be held online and will start at 6pm unless otherwise stated and you can register to attend by following the links below.

Should you have any queries about any of our events you can contact the team by emailing

The Stories Behind a Smile

A man with a beard smiling

16 April 2022

A smile can say a thousand words, it projects how we feel and how the world sees us. It has an impact on our social interaction, our relationships and even our employability, but what lies behind the smiles?

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The Climate Emergency: local responses to a global menace

Two polar bears on a small glacier in the sea

27 February 2021

Experts from different areas across the University of Dundee will discuss their work in relation to the Climate Emergency and look at what communities from the university and across the city, as well as individuals, can do to address this.

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Ageing Society

A crowd of people in walking in one direction

13 March 2021

Ageing is a complex process with socio-economic, genetic and environmental drivers. In a society where life expectancy is ever-increasing, what impact does an ageing population have on the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities

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Broken Smiles: Revolutionising Healthcare

A man smiling with a missing tooth missing from his top set of teeth

3 April 2021

How can dentistry can act as a driver for social justice and inclusion?  A panel of experts will draw on their individual experiences and talk about the importance of addressing inequalities in healthcare in innovative ways.

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Escaping to a post Covid world

A person's hand holding a paper mask

17 April 2021

A panel of professionals spanning medical and social sciences will talk about the impact Covid-19 and lockdown has had on our society as well as looking to the future and considering what we might hope for as we emerge at the other side.

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