Leila Kantola

Research Associate


I work as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Language Studies, Umeå University, Sweden. In my previous research with Dr. Roger van Gompel, we have studied the syntactic representations of bilinguals (Kantola & Van Gompel, 2011) and anaphoric reference in discourse (Kantola & Van Gompel, 2015). In my current research, I was awarded 2017 together with Dr. Roger van Gompel an ESRC-funded project that is designed to investigate syntactic priming - the finding that speakers tend to re-use syntactic structures that they have recently perceived instead of producing new ones. The project employs Dr. Laura Wakeford as Postdoctoral Researcher and involves a series of experiments on syntactic priming and lexical boost that will be carried out both in Dundee and at Ghent University in Belgium.


Leila's publications can be found as part of her staff page on Umeå University's website