Charlotte Elliott

PhD Student
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I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2014 with an MA (Hons) in Psychology and in 2015 with an MSc in Psychological Research Methods. I then began my PhD at the department in September 2015, working under the supervision of Dr Fhionna Moore to investigate the psychosocial predictors of suicide in Scottish men.


  • Mental health and well-being – the whole spectrum; from positive psychology to abnormal psychology
  • Gender roles – particularly how they influence well-being, how they are changing and the impact this may have
  • Evolutionary psychology – why specific mental disorders persist in the population, mating choice and patterns

Research areas

My interests within psychology have always mainly fallen within the perimeters of mental health and well-being, however, I see myself as more suited to research than treatment. My current research aims to provide some explanation for the increased suicide rate witnessed in Scottish men since around the 1960s, centring on the idea of masculinity and how this may effect mental health in certain environmental conditions and help seeking behaviours in the lead up to a suicide attempt.