Request a new supplier

Individuals are encouraged to purchase goods and services from the c2,500 suppliers already on the Pecos system. See the list of existing suppliers on Pecos. (Excel doc 150KB)

New Supplier Requests will be considered where the criteria have been met and a New Supplier Request Form fully completed and submitted.

The member of staff submitting the New Supplier Request form will be notified of the outcome of the request and advised on the process which should be used to place the order.

Please note: Prior to submitting your request please check the amended "New Supplier Adoption Process" below to ensure you are following the correct procedure.

Request a new supplier

New Supplier Adoption Process

End User Guide - Supplier Adoption‌        Process Flow Chart - Supplier Adoption‌‌

Changes to IR35 Legislation - Procurement Summary Guidance - April 2017

Changes to IR35 Tax Legislation - Procurement Bulletin April 2017

As of 1st February 2017, the process for adding new suppliers to the PECOS system will change.

A high-level summary of the current process is as follows:

  1. The user/requisitioner requests the supplier to be added to PECOS;
  2. Procurement approve or decline the request;
  3. If approval is given, Procurement send a Supplier Information Capture form to the supplier;
  4. Procurement receive the completed form and check it has been completed correctly;
  5. If the form is correct, Procurement add the supplier to PECOS.

Recent analysis has shown that significant delay in the above process takes place between steps 3 and 4 - i.e. waiting for the supplier to complete the form and return it to Procurement. Responsibility for this step currently rests with Procurement, however there are two main issues with this:

  • Procurement (at this stage) has no relationship with the supplier and therefore has less influence than the customer who, in many cases, has been liaising closely with the supplier for a significant period of time.
  • Staff in the Procurement team have no way of establishing how urgent the requirement is and therefore how frequently to contact the supplier to expedite the completion and return of the form.

Therefore as of 1st February 2017, the above process will change. Full details of the new process can be found on the UoD Procurement Process Flow Chart (PROC-PR-000)‌. However, the main change is that under the new process, following approval by Procurement to add the supplier, the user/requisitioner will be responsible for issuing the Supplier Information Capture form and will submit the form to Procurement when it is complete. Assuming the form and any associated paperwork has been completed correctly, Procurement will then add the supplier to PECOS and (if relevant) will liaise with colleagues in Accounts Payable to add the supplier to CODA. 

The above change in process gives the user greater ownership over the process and will allow the Procurement Team to implement a Service Level Agreement regarding a maximum period of time before the new supplier is available on PECOS.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new process please contact Procurement or e-mail

Advice and guidance on IR35 Legislation

Please find below guidance relating to the IR35 legislation. 

Note: Please ignore any reference in the guidance to the Pecos new supplier adoption process.

PECOS Support / Supplier Adoption & e-Enablement

PECOS is the University wide system for making third party purchases. This system controls procurement, tracks commitment upfront, acts as an audit trail and ensures prompt payment to suppliers through 3 way invoice matching. This section will detail useful information, training guides and contact details for support within PECOS.

Key Contact Information

Support using PECOS/functionality, catalogues and content requirements, external Marketplaces/punch-out site issues and supplier adoption queries.

Systems Admin

Users can contact PECOS Systems Admin if they have system errors/issues, user profile creation/maintenance and interface exceptions, Financial Tracking Codes and VAT Certificates. Please do not contact PECOS Systems Admin for support with using PECOS – please use the above contacts.

Supplier Adoption Queries

Any queries with existing suppliers please e-mail:

PECOS Order Checklist

Please find below guidance documents for reference, which requisitioners may find useful  to consult when preparing their orders in PECOS. The guidance documents outline the required attachments and comments (internal and external) under various procurement call-off situations.

Please contact a member of the Procurement team if further assistance is required.

Pecos User Training Guides

Users can consult the guides below for help with various transactions in PECOS. Should an end user require further support thereafter, please contact the above personnel.