Before you buy

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do I really need it?
  • Can I get it from someone else within the University?
  • Where's the money coming from?

Where do I Start?

First, find out if there is an existing framework agreement or contract in place.

See our Contracts page or get in touch with a member of the Procurement team.

Next, follow the relevant steps outlined below:

Procurement Thresholds

Purchasers must check existing UoD Contracts

Total Contract/
Transaction Value
Process to be undertaken
£0 - £5,000 Single Quote
£5,001 - £50,000 Three Written Quotes
£50,001 - £181,302 Tender Process undertaken by Procurement *
>£181,303 Full OJEU Process undertaken by Procurement *
* Not applicable for Estates & Buildings or RIS

UoD Procurement Process Flow Chart (PROC-PR-000)

Non-competitive Action (formerly SSJ)

Non-Competitive Action Process Flow Chart (PROC-PR-002)

  • NCA (Non-Competitive Action) process must be completed if value of contract / order is greater than £5,000 and it is impossilbe or impracticable to undertake a competitive procurement process as described above.
  • NCA can only be used when:
    1. Product/service is unique and no other supplier can provide an equivalent that meets the users requirements; or
    2. Specific product/service is required to meet existing infrastructure/system or for reasons of continuity.
  • NCA must meet one or more of the above criteria and be accompanied by evidence.
  • You must contact the Procurement Team to discuss your requirement before completing or submitting an NCA form.

When to use Pcard or OneUniversity

  • Refer to Procurement Policy (PROC-PO-000)
  • If purchaser intends to transact with supplier again or the total cost of the item/service is greater than £5,000, then the Purchaser should complete the Pecos “New Supplier” form and the supplier will be added to Pecos.

Single Quote


Purchaser must determine they are achieving Value for Money (VfM)

VfM can be achieved when the purchaser is:

  1. confident the price/cost of the item/service is reflective of what it would cost if other suppliers were quoting; and/or
  2. confident price being paid is "fair" based on previous experience or market/product awareness.

Three Written Quotes


Email are sufficient.

Purchaser must also request relevant insurance from the supplier and that the University's Terms & Conditions are in place and agreed.

Low Value Tender process


Low Value Tender template to be used

The process is more formal and requires pre-determined evaluation criteria and an objective, evidence-based scoring exercise to be undertaken.


Tender process undertaken by Procurement and advertised on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS).


Full OJEU process undertaken by Procurement and advertised on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS).

Quote Checklist

When getting a quote, keep in mind all figures exclude VAT and find out if the quote includes these requirements:

  • Whole Life Costs
  • Sustainability of supply
  • Warranty
  • Service
  • Delivery/ Install
  • Health and Safety / WEEE
  • Removal of packaging
  • Accessories

How to get a quote

If values are above £50K

Contact Procurement

HM Revenue & Customs

Find out the important changes to Import Duty Charges and how to claim for Import Duty Relief for eligible biological and chemical substances.