Social Sciences (Professional Doctorate) DSSci

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

Develop your leadership and applied research skills in professional practice with a professional doctorate in Social Sciences

Date of entry

September 2024

Start date
September 2024
48 months (part time)
Dundee City Campus / Online

The major challenges confronting society are complex and interdisciplinary, and current solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s intractable problems are not working. This complexity requires a different type of professional; one who is equipped to work in a very different and collaborative way to find new solutions.

Our Professional Doctorate programme will help you to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes required to fulfil this role.

We are bringing together academic experts from across the University to provide you with interdisciplinary learning, teaching and research, thereby enabling you to transcend boundaries and lead applied research that will help you transform lives and tackle complex challenges in unique ways.

You apply for a specific award, but you will be part of the overall community of Professional Doctorate students across the University You will participate in shared modules, but will benefit from supervisors who are experts in your chosen discipline area.

You will be encouraged to:

  • demonstrate critical insight into personal and professional identities
  • engage critically with a range of research paradigms, theories and methodologies
  • evaluate in-depth theory relating to leadership and change, applying this to different professional and interdisciplinary contexts
  • utilise in-depth knowledge and skills in your discipline, to offer evidence-based solutions that are relevant and transferable across different contexts
  • deploy design-led approaches to develop innovative solutions to complex professional challenges
  • engage critically with a broad range of digital technologies, demonstrating knowledge and skills around access and utility
  • apply advanced research knowledge and skills to influence policy, strategy, and leadership
  • demonstrate confidence and expertise, in working with teams, to effectively evaluate and manage complex situations.
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