Date of entry

September 2022

A Professional Doctorate will enhance your professional development and enable you to progress as a ‘researching professional’ within your own setting and beyond.

To achieve this, principles of professional learning are integrated throughout the learning and teaching, including:

  • a strong emphasis on reflective practice throughout the programme.
  • opportunities to situate learning within contexts that are familiar to you and actively facilitating you to explore interdisciplinary practice in a broader range of disciplines and contexts.
  • an option for workplace ‘consultancy’ experience that combines research skills with practice-based interventions.
  • teaching and learning that actively includes working as a group to address issues and challenges in interdisciplinary ways, using this as a vehicle for deeper learning and understanding.
  • opportunities to network locally, nationally and internationally

While you will graduate with a unique range of attributes, fundamentally, this programme aims to create a community of scholars who display ‘doctoral characteristics’ – that is, the qualities and skills associated with doctoral graduates. It is also about preparing you for working in a post-digital world, where 21st century qualities, such as being value-based, reflective and transdisciplinary, are an expectation of professionals.

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