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Develop yourself into a leader of the future with key insights on your strengths, attributes and place in a team

Date of entry

July 2024

Start date
July 2024
12 months (full time)
Dundee City Campus

Learn how to develop key professional relationships and commit to planning your own professional development.

The course gives you the opportunity to critically review and apply the skills and knowledge gained through your existing role. This course you will:

  • utilise tools such as Insights Discovery personality profiling and Belbin team roles to encourage you to think about your individual strengths and value in your team
  • cover topics such as developing leadership, thriving through change, learning the art of negotiation and becoming a super networker
  • allow you to get involved in action learning sets to help you to develop solutions to challenging situations
  • encourage you to seek out a mentor to help with your own personal development throughout the programme.
Craig Reoch stands by the river Tay with the Tay rail bridge in the background.
“This course provided myself and my colleagues with a fantastic baseline for our professional development. In my first degree I was so set on passing and graduating that I didn’t take the time to stop and think about what other skills I’d gained. The GCPDC developed my leadership skills, helped me consolidate my strengths and most importantly developed my self-awareness. The Insights/Belbin personality and team role profiling were instrumental in me discovering how I fit within a team and how best to work with those around me. After graduating from the course, I felt much more equipped to progress in my career and have been able to use skills I gained effectively in job applications and interviews, particularly when having to be introspective.”

Craig Reoch, GCPDC Graduate

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