Global Top-up (TML Education with Fudan University, Shanghai) MBA

School of Business

A leading MBA to cultivate future business leaders, jointly taught by the School of Business at the University of Dundee, and Fudan University School of Management

Start date

May 2022


6 months

Study mode

Distance Learning



We are proud to be delivering this programme with Fudan University who are a highly ranked, AACSB and EQUIS accredited School of Management.

It will enable you to:

  • innovate, evaluate trends and drive change across all areas of business
  • understand the nature of value and value creation across all sector
  • develop, promote and pitch ideas, opportunities, products and services
  • present a unique business vision in a highly competitive marketplace
  • develop managerial competence and advanced project management skills
  • develop enhanced abilities to analyse problems, scenarios and big data
  • negotiate and communicate successfully in a competitive business world

Programme design

This programme is delivered in China.

  • Part 1 is conducted by School of Management, Fudan University with 90 credits
  • Part 2 is conducted by the School of Business with 90 credits.

After graduation, students will obtain:

  • Fudan - Dundee Global Immersion business Program certificate - awarded by Fudan University School of Management
  • Master of Business Administration Degree - awarded by the University of Dundee
Further information

Shanghai Programme Center 复旦TML Education - 021-61491056/13585598998