Date of entry

January 2021


We teach using methods such as:

  • small group tutorials
  • seminars
  • group discussions
  • clinical workshops

Clinical teaching takes place in a small, purposely-designed surgery with specialist endodontic staff and equipment.

You will be expected to write and present your completed cases on a regular basis. 

We have our own Masters Hub in the School of Dentistry, where you can collaborate and study with your peers or independently.


You will be assessed by the following methods:

  • a short-answer written exam for each taught module
  • a logbook of your clinical activity
  • case presentations
  • written assignments
  • clinical skills assessments in a variety of areas

You will also carry out a research project and write your dissertation, and this will include a critical review of the literature.

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Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

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