Date of entry

September 2021


You will learn through a variety of teaching methods including:

  • practical tasks
  • role-play
  • video analysis
  • peer tutoring and assessment
  • tutorials

We focus on problem-based learning, which has been shown to be effective in promoting the development of active independent learning, as well as collaborative learning. This will provide you with an integrated model of teaching and learning as it crosses subject boundaries.

Our spiral curriculum, where you revisit topics, subjects or themes throughout your studies, will enable you to build on previous learning at increasing levels of difficulty and complexity. 

The course begins with a university-based five week induction period, followed by two weeks for your first practical placement in a local authority psychological service. After this the normal weekly pattern of attendance is two days on placement, two days of university-based teaching, and one day for independent study and collaborative work.


You will be assessed through a number of methods including:

  • written academic reports and assignments
  • oral presentations
  • a major research thesis
  • a placement file documenting planning, activities, and reflection in both placements
  • observation and rating by supervisors of performance while on placement

You will be required to keep a Personal Learning Plan, to identify and monitor your targets related to particular skills or bodies of knowledge. These are reviewed in regular appraisal meetings with your academic tutor.

You will get feedback on academic reports and have the opportunity to discuss the feedback with your academic tutor. On placement you will have a minimum of one hour’s supervision per week with your practice tutor.

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This list should give you a good idea of which modules you can take, however it may change before you begin your course, and may not show all available modules.

Module list

Our academic modules are designed to facilitate exploration of the following curricular areas in a holistic and integrated manner:

  • child and adolescent development
  • assessment and intervention - individual and systemic
  • contexts and systems in which children and young people develop and learn
  • research and evaluation methods
  • and transferable interpersonal and professional skills.

There are also two compulsory placement modules, undertaken in local authority Psychological Services, one in Year 1 and the other in Year 2.

  • Placements are arranged by the University.
  • Trainees are placed throughout Scotland.
  • As far as possible we aim that your placement will be no more than one hour travel time from your home address.

Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

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