‌When you join us at Dundee, you'll become part of a friendly and welcoming community with a thriving postgraduate culture and plenty of intellectual stimulation.

Throughout your time with us, we encourage you to develop intellectual independence and professional skills.  We invite all postgraduates to present papers at our regular postgraduate forum, which is supported by School research funds. We also encourage postgraduate to organise a yearly conference for postgraduates in the discipline. 

We have strong monitoring and support systems in place, and both your supervisor and a thesis monitoring committee (consisting of at least two members of academic staff other than your supervisor) will provide advice on publications, potential grant applications, and career development.

Doctoral Training in Politics and in the Social Sciences

You will also benefit from joining a community that includes student studying Politics, Law, and other disciplines within the Social Sciences.

Our training activities  include:

  • interactive sessions led by academics on important issues such as your thesis, networking, publishing, surviving the viva, bidding for research funding, academic career planning,
  • seminar sessions devoted to presentations by PhD students.
  • The School of Social Sciences at Dundee has an extensive programme for doctoral training which is beneficial to Politics PhD students. The programme includes skills development, research methods training, and the option to take courses from multiple disciplines within the School to help students build up a multidisciplinary research focus.  

Skills for researchers

The University of Dundee supports you at every stage of your career, helping you to develop your full potential as a researcher and prepare you for the job market ahead (both academic and non-academic).

Our Organisational and Professional Development unit offer training which covers:

  • Writing research proposals and applying for grantsLibrary Researchers
  • Presentation skills
  • Setting research objectives
  • Managing research projects
  • Effective writing and communication
  • Team working


Our main University Library and Learning Centre provides a range of services to support all aspects of the research process, including:

  • Extensive hard copy and digital resources
  • Dedicated research room for consulting Special Collections
  • 'Discovery', the University's institutional repository of academic publications