Our research interests are roughly based around European and global politics and international relations, including the following:

  • peace and security in international relations
  • International relations theory and international & supranational organisations
  • European Union politics 
  • the impact of processes of European Integration and globalisation on parties of the European Left
  • terrorism, counter-terrorism, and policing
  • asylum, migration and borders
  • human rights
  • sexual politics
  • public policy decision-making relating to protection of citizens
  • the global drugs problem and related policies
  • law enforcement strategies
  • democratic consolidation
  • regional and local politics in Russia
  • Irish politics
  • Sub-Saharan African politics: liberation movements, nationalism, the 'invention' of traditions, post-colonial governance
  • Middle Eastern politics

You are welcome to contact individual members of staff to find out more about their specific research interests.