Politics & IR at Dundee key facts

  • Flexible courses offering opportunities to develop your own enthusiasm within a structure which will teach you to think about a range of personal, cultural and historical topics
  • Choose to study Politics or International Relations alongside many other subjects including , European Studies, History, Economics, English, Geography, Languages, Philosophy, Psychology and more
  • Opportunities to spend a year or a semester studying overseas - Europe, North America or Australia
  • In the 2014 National Student Survey Politics at Dundee ranked 2nd in Scotland for overall student satisfaction and 3rd in the UK for teaching on the course
  • We have a vibrant community of student societies and groups and many of our students go on to be members of the Student Representative Council in the University's student union (DUSA)

Student Life at Dundee key facts

  • One-stop compact city campus - virtually traffic-free, with attractive landscaped spaces
  • The City of Dundee - small and friendly
  • Dundee University Students' Association (DUSA) is regularly top of student polls, and houses Dundee's largest nightclub
  • Excellent Campus Sporting facilities for competitors or just keeping fit
  • En-suite accommodation on & near campus guaranteed to new students (who apply by the deadline)

Politics & IR at Dundee

Politics & International Relations at Dundee

Our teaching has a particular focus on European politics and more generally, on the politics of security.  However, the modules we offer cross the entire range of politics and international relations as a field of study.  The MA degrees we offer include Politics, International Relations, European Politics, and Geopolitics, which can be tailored to suit your particular areas of interest.  You can also study our subjects jointly with many other subject areas such as History, Philosophy, Economics, and languages.

Politics at Dundee takes pride in looking beyond the University itself.  We regularly host speakers from the 'real world' of Scottish, British and International politics. We believe strongly in integrating our groundbreaking research with our teaching, and in areas such as Russian politics, politics of the Middle East or International Security you will benefit from being taught by a leading expert and author in that field.

What you will study

What you will study

We offer a wide spectrum of expertise and different approaches to teaching across our subject areas.  You will take modules in Politics and/or International Relations and will choose from a wide range of module topics.

  • In first year you will take modules which focus on areas such as 'policy' and 'ideology'.
  • Second year then gives you more specialised offerings on International Relations and Comparative Politics. (Suitably qualified students with A levels may be able to enter at Level 2 (i.e. 2nd year), and graduate after three years).
  • In third and fourth year you will take more specialist modules (selected according to your particular degree pathway.  These cover the territorial politics of the world, issues of peace and war and of crime and terrorism as well as the 'politics of the personal' in the sense of identity.  At this level the modules on offer reflect the research specialisms of members of staff, and the result is an extremely varied range of choices, often based on interdisciplinary topics using a wide range of approaches in innovative ways, allowing you to specialise in the areas which interest you.

For more information, please visit our Politics & IR modules webpage, to find out more about the core and optional modules, which our students choose in consultation with their academic adviser.

Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

We offer you plenty of opportunities to benefit from international study too. Studying abroad improves your academic experience and gives important social experience and contacts which can benefit you throughout your life and your working career.  Studying abroad usually allows you to gain credits overseas and they will contribute to your University of Dundee degree.  You can also study using English Language with most of our partners!

Politics & IR students taking part in these opportunities usually go away during their second or third year, though there are various different arrangements possible. The list of partner institutions varies from year to year, but currently includes France, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Portugal, plus eight Universities in the US, six in Canada, four in Australia, one in New Zealand, and two in Hong Kong.

Read more on our Studying Abroad website

Vibrant community

A lively and active student community

There are more than 80 student societies affiliated to the Students' Association (DUSA) plus other 'interest' groups.  Some that may be of interest to students of Politics and International Relations are:

Politics and International Relations students also have a strong record of achieving high level positions on the DUSA Student Representative Council and the Student Executive Committee with many past Presidents and Vice-Presidents being graduates of our programmes.

Your Future

Looking to your Future

Politics and/or International Relations are adaptable subjects, opening a flexible range of career options. Career planning and internship modules can be built into your studies and all our students benefit from the extensive work of the University's Careers Service.

Politics graduates from Dundee score highly in surveys of graduate employment.  While you may not become a politician (though many of our students over the years have: as MPs, MSPs and MEPs), your degree will open up a range of opportunities in both the private and public services.

In other words, the skills - personal, verbal and written - that you will acquire in your programme can be easily transferred to many walks of life.  We have produced leading journalists, civil servants, diplomats - and even the occasional secret agent!

Don't just take our word for it, read our Graduate Profiles to meet some of our former students and find out what they are doing now.

Visit the University Careers Service website for more information

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