Politics Lecture

International Security

This course, with many pathways, aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of terrorism and political violence, counter-terrorism and intelligence pertaining to modern security issues such as responses to terrorism, responses to the use of force and violence generally.

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EU Building

International Law & Security

The concept of security lies at the heart of many of the current international legal regimes. At the same time security interests prompt nation states to define their national interest in different ways.

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EU Commission box

International Politics & Security

This course offers a comprehensive analysis of international and global political issues. It focuses on some of the most contentious areas of international politics, including transatlantic relations, the future of the European Union and the re-emergence of Russia as a global political force.

You can watch videos of Professor Christian Kaunert on postgraduatesearch.com, providing an insight into the topics covered in this course and describing the type of person the course is aimed at, and career possibilities.

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Scottish & British flags image - photo taken by Jesus Gorriti‌‌

Devolution & Global Governance

Scotland has had a devolution process devoid of civil conflict. What can we learn from the Scottish experience that can be applied to similar processes in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East? How can the Scottish experiment be sustained and what challenges will politicians, administrators, civil society agents and citizens face in the future?

Politics Research Degrees

We provide expert supervision in a wide range of areas if you are considering studying for a PhD.  Our staff are all very active in research, producing work of internationally recognised quality.  A full-time PhD degree lasts three years (part-time five years) and involves detailed study of a topic leading to a thesis of 80-100,000 words.  

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What our students say about our courses

Ian Roache (UK) - MLitt International Security

"Taking the MLitt in International Security with the pathway of terrorism studies has been a wonderful and rewarding experience for me. As a mature student in amongst all the bright, young minds, I have found every class to be interesting, thought-provoking and excellently taught by lecturers who bring their own style and expertise to the subject. It is not all about the seminars, of course, with the guest lectures and skills classes adding that wee bit extra to the course. I would thoroughly recommend the University of Dundee to anyone considering giving it a go."

Catherine Sharp (UK) - MLitt International Politics and Security

"The programme offers a wide range of subjects, all of which are highly topical and relevant in today's international political climate. For example my chosen modules were on Russia and the Middle East. Both of these along with the core modules were extremely interesting, stimulating and often challenging. The lecturers for my modules were approachable, friendly and keen to help, as were the university's library and IT staff."

Daniel Menendez (United States) - MLitt International Politics and Security

"A great experience. The classes and subject matter have been engaging and interesting allowing me to explore the areas of politics and security relevant to my interests. The professors and lecturers have been very approachable allowing students to ask questions and meet outside of class to continue discussions. Overall, the program has supported me in my interests, allowed me to be creative and experimental in my thinking around the subject, and has increased my interest and desire to learn more about politics and security."

Robert Norrie (United States) - MLitt International Security

"There’s nothing better than to be surrounded by individuals who share a common passion for the same subject as me. The students on the International Security Master’s programme come from many diverse countries and are willing to share their experiences and perspectives regarding international security. Because of this the lectures and discussions are always fascinating! I have learned just as much from my fellow students as I have from the assigned coursework and assigned readings.

The professors have created an academically challenging program that really has enhanced my understanding of international relations, international security and global affairs. Furthermore, they are always keen to discuss the subject matter in a one-on-one style and also allow students the ability to concentrate on a specific subject area that they find interesting. For example, I wanted to focus on the potential use of CBRN weaponry by non-state actors within Europe. The professors were eager to help and provided me with guidance on sources to look for and whom I could try to contact outside of the University to get even more first-hand accounts and information. I am confident that they will have provided me with all the tools necessary to be successful in my future career."

Ahmed Faraj - MLitt International Politics and Security

"The academic staff are leading and highly-regarded scholars in their fields.  As an MLitt student of this course I was taught by professional, experienced and enthusiastic academics." more...

Catherine Eadie - MLitt International Politics and Security

"This year my analytical skills have vastly improved thanks to the structure and teaching in this course and this has been reflecting in my work.  Of particular enjoyment this year has been the time spent in class where there has been stimulating and thought-provoking debate." more...

Mayda De La Fuente - MLitt International Politics and Security

"Having come from a very large university in the USA to Dundee, a smaller and more personalised program, has been very helpful in understanding IR theory and security issues. The program allows felixibility in pursuing our own specific interests throughout the program, while still covering the core issues of International Relations." more...


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