The 2017 University of Dundee Conference on The New Cold War: EU Relations with the Post-Soviet Space

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A conference to discuss developing matters in Russian, European and Asian Politics was held in the Dalhousie Building on the 23rd September 2017. 

The event, which was organised by research students Ioanna Mavromati and Fikret Sendil, was well attended, with senior researchers coming from as far afield as Greece and PhD candidates from Italy and Portugal.

The conference followed four themes:

  • Post-soviet space: Government and politics of the post-Soviet space; 
  • Security Issues in the post-Soviet space: NATO and EU enlargemen;
  • Securitization and Media:

                        The role of Media in framing Russian role in the Syrian conflict;

                         The role of Russian media in framing the Ukrainian crisis;

  • EU relations with the post-Soviet space and the European neighbourhood policy

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