Keith Wilcox

+44 (0)1382 386547
Senior Lecturer, Dundee and EPSRC Early Career Fellow


Keith joined the University of Dundee in October 2013, as a Senior Lecturer as part of the Dundee Fellows program. In 2012 he secured a 5 year EPSRC Early Career Fellowship, enabling him to develop his own research group. He is focusing on tunable, gigahertz mode spaced frequency combs, applying the unique features of the VECSEL to produce a novel comb source for spectroscopy, metrology and flexible ultra-low noise waveform generation. His key current research interests are using high power mode-locked VECSELs to produce coherent octave spanning supercontinuum. Keith obtained his PhD in 2006 on ultrafast mode-locked VECSELs at the University of Southampton and worked as a post doctoral researcher at the University of Southampton and at the University of Dundee between 2006 and 2012.

Research Interests

  • Femtosecond pulse mode-locked VECSELs
  • GHz mode spaced frequency combs
  • Pulsed VECSELs for biomedical applications
  • Resonant excitation of vibrational modes in viruses

Selected List of Publications

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