Philosophy at the University of Dundee

Philosophy at Dundee is one of the main centres in the UK for the study of European Philosophy, specialising in Continental Philosophy at all levels of teaching and research. We also provide expert supervision in the History of Philosophy and Philosophy of Science. We have a particular interest in interdisciplinary work linking Philosophy with the visual arts and literature, and in projects that involve thinking across the boundaries of philosophical traditions.

In the 2014 National Student Survey (NSS) we ranked 1st in the UK (out of 43 institutions) for overall student satisfaction, and students also expressed a high level of satisfaction in the individual NSS themes, placing our undergraduate course in the top four in the UK for Teaching on the Course, Academic Support, Learning Resources and Personal Development.  In the context of Scottish institutions, we ranked 1st for overall satisfaction as well as across the individual NSS themes: Teaching on the Course, Assessment and Feedback, Academic Support, and Personal Development.

We believe strongly in integrating our groundbreaking research with our teaching, and students benefit from being taught by leading experts and authors in their field. Our research interests are roughly based around European or Continental Philosophy, including the following:

  • aesthetics
  • the philosophy of technology
  • philosophy and the life sciences
  • process philosophy
  • the philosophy of Hegel, Nietzsche, Whitehead, Heidegger, Derrida, Deleuze, Lyotard, Cavell and Badiou
  • the history of philosophy
  • new materialisms and realisms
  • performance philosophy
  • feminism

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Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy

The Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy (SCCP) aims to foster the study of continental philosophy in all its historical and contemporary forms and to to make connections to other philosophical traditions and academic disciplines.

The Centre organises conferences, workshops and seminars in continental philosophy.  It brings together researchers and students interested in historical figures and contemporary debates.  The Centre also connects to work in philosophy and the arts through its degree programme in Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practice and through research degrees in continental philosophy and the MFA in Art & Humanities.

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Professor Nicholas Davey

Nicholas DaveyNicholas Davey's overlapping areas of philosophical research involve the philosophical development of contemporary hermeneutics (the works of Gadamer, Vattimo and Iser), contemporary European aesthetics (the nature of meaning and interpretation in the arts), the philosophy of Nietzsche (the connections between philology, language and interpretation in his writings) and aspects of Buddhist Thought and Hermeneutics.

Since 1989, he has been associated with the International Hermeneutics Seminar originally under the direction of Hans-Georg Gadamer firstly at the University of Heidelberg and then at the University of Freiburg. At the University of Dundee he established the Theoros and Hermeneutica Scotia research groups which meet annually. Nicholas Davey also established the Arts and Humanities Research Institute at the University of Dundee.