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Wave Carpet: Protecting coastal zones while generating electricity

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30 June 2024

A submerged wave carpet is a deformable plate, or elastic mat, that can be used to extract the wave energy, and for mitigation of large waves in coastal areas. The principle concept of a wave carpet energy device is similar to that of propagation of waves over a muddy seafloor, where significant amount of wave energy attenuates due to the strong interaction with the mud banks. Similarly, a wave carpet is a mud-resembling deformable plate that can potentially extract the entire wave energy. The plate deformation can be transferred into electricity generation by a direct-drive power take-off system connected to the plate. The goal of this project is (i) to solve the problem of interaction of nonlinear long-waves with the elastic submerged plate by developing theoretical tools, (ii) to determine the power output of the device, and (iii) to determine the effect of the wave energy devices on coastal areas.

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