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The role of far-right narratives in mobilising support for violent political action

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30 June 2024


Energy Environment and Society , School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

The project aims to examine how different types of narratives might energise the supporters of the far-right movement and drive them to engage in political violence. As such, in a first stage, the project will focus on analysing the language produced by far-right groups and their supporters online with the aim of building an evidence-driven typology of the far-right narratives.

In a second stage, the project will use the typology developed in the first stage to test the relationships between type of narratives and different forms of behaviours of group members, sympathisers and allies, including support for political violence. Overall, the project will identify some of the strategies used by far-right groups to mobilise support for their causes and built an evidence-driven platform for predicting such support and its materialisation as political violence against minorities and other target groups.

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  1. Email Dr Ana-Maria Bliuc ( to:
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