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Recognition of gait personality and its applications in clinical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation

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Application deadline

1 September 2023

About the project

Walking is one of the most daily activities while the gait of an individual person is personality. So far, there have been a huge number of studies to focus on gait analysis on the patients, e.g. cerebral palsy, stroke, and most of the studies compared the patient and healthy groups, ignoring the aspect of gait personality. In fact, an individual has their own style in gait, but these characteristics in gait have not been used in clinical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. This project aims to investigate potential methods to recognise gait personality. These methods could be from various sources, e.g. artificial intelligence, statistics, biomechanics, and associated computer models. These methods should be effective to recognise gait patterns individually and identifying individual gait changes reasonably.

Funding Notes

There is no specific funding for this project. Applicants may find funding sources from their government or possible organisations.

How to apply

To enquire please email Dr Weijie Wang (

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