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Micro-Bio-Mechanical Modelling of root growth in granular soils

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31 January 2023

In this project a novel model capable of simultaneously: i) modelling root growth and ii) subsequently quantifying root pullout strength, is developed. To validate the model a novel experimental apparatus capable of measuring soil stress variations induced by the growing roots will be employed. Roots will be modelled as bonded DEM particles. By means of simple AI algorithms, the model will include features such as gravitropism, time dependent root stiffening (thickening), root branching and root tip reorientation based on penetration resistance.

How to apply

  1. Email Dr Matteo Ciantia to:
    1. Send a copy of your CV
    2. Discuss your potential application and any practicalities (e.g. suitable start date).
  2. After discussion with Dr Matteo Ciantia, formal applications can be made via our direct application system.

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The Chinese Scholarship Council provides opportunities for Chinese Students to undertake a PhD programme in any research field at the School of Life Sciences and the School of Science and Engineering. Successful applicants will receive support to enter the China Scholarship Council (CSC) competition scheme.

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