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How does Dysregulated Signal Transduction cause Intellectual Disability?

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31 March 2024

The goal of our lab is to understand how signal transduction is disrupted to cause intellectual disability, which is a major healthcare challenge world-wide. Recent data indicates that genes encoding signalling enzymes such as protein kinases are frequently mutated in intellectual disability, suggesting that these components may form novel signalling networks which are required for neurological functioning and are disrupted in patients. This PhD project aims to map these signalling pathways, with the overarching goal of uncovering much-needed therapeutic opportunities in this area. 

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to utilise exciting new tools and reagents in the lab and expand on our recent progress in dissecting intellectual disability signalling networks. Potential approaches include (phospho)proteomic profiling mass-spectrometry, modelling human neural development using pluripotent stem cells, animal models of intellectual disability, cutting edge biochemistry, and structural analysis using Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (CryoEM). The PhD candidate will be embedded in a dynamic team with a track record in dissecting intellectual disability signalling networks. They will also have excellent opportunities for further internal and external collaborations with leading experts in this area. 

How to apply

This project is open to self-funded and externally sponsored applicants, standard entry dates are January and September but we will consider applications year round. If you are interested in applying, please contact the supervisor directly in the first instance to discuss further, principal supervisors will ask you about your qualifications and your research experience to determine your suitability for the project. You will also be asked to indicate how you intend to fund your PhD (PhD fee information can be found here).

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