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Education for Sustainability and Environmental Impact: The River Garry, a river lost?

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This research project adopts an ecosystem services approach to the environment thereby recognising the different services afforded in terms of productivity, ecological support, environmental regulation, and cultural services, including human well-being. It acknowledges that to achieve any, if not all these services, results in environmental impact to a greater or lesser extent. Ensuring this impact avoids the depletion of natural resources and maintains an ecological balance is fundamental to sustainable practices. Notwithstanding, an understanding of biodiversity [the myriad of organisms and habitats fundamental to sustained functioning of the environment] and our impact on this, is at the very heart of sustainability. 

This project begins with a river significantly impacted by the construction of the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric scheme using the University of Dundee associated archive data [c. 1969 – 81]. These data recount a story involving sociological, hydrological, and ecological impacts of the construction. The project involves the collation and analysis of this information together with contemporary monitoring in response to the restoration measures in place to revive and restore the River Garry to its former ecological status. The research looks to lessons learnt, whilst identify mitigating actions that could prevent such impact in other similar national and international schemes.

Set within an Educational context this multi and inter-disciplinary study would be of relevance to social scientists, ecologist, educationalist, and environmental practitioners with an interest in hydrology, human impact and sustainable development.

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  1. Email Dr Liz Lakin to
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  2. After discussion with Dr Lakin, formal applications can be made via our direct application system. Apply for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Education
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