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Dr Yang Kuang is a lecturer at the School of Science and Engineering. He is a specialist in smart transducers for sensing, actuating and energy harvesting.  Dr Kuang obtained his PhD at the University of Dundee in 2014 with research focused on piezoelectric ultrasound-actuated surgical tools. Following that, he joined the University of Exeter as an Associate Research Fellow and was later promoted to Research Fellow and granted an open-ended contract. He came back to the University of Dundee as a lecturer in 2022.

Dr Kuang’s most recent research has been focused on energy harvesting for self-powered wearables and remote condition monitoring. He has worked on eight research projects funded by EPSRC, Innovate UK, EU FP7 etc. and in close partnership with leading industries in the UK, such as Babcock International Group and Network Rail. His research has led to the publishing of more than 30 articles and the filing of 4 patent applications. Two energy harvesting technologies he developed demonstrated step-changing performances and are currently being commercialised by Encortec Ltd, a spin-out from the University of Exeter.

Dr Kuang currently serves as a guest editor for ‘Nanoenergy Advances’ on a special issue ‘Design, Manufacturing and System Integration of Micro-Nano Energy Harvesters’.


Dr Kuang’s current research interests include:

  1. Energy harvesting (wearable, kinetic, magnetic field)  
  2. Self-powered wearables and medical implants
  3. Piezoelectric ultrasonic systems  


  • ME51006 Biomechanical System, Lecturer and Module Lead
  • BE41004/BE51002 Medical Device Quality Management, Module Lead
  • BE21002 Analog Electronics Technology Basis, Lecturer and Module Lead
  • BE22003 Software Applications for Biomedical Engineering, Lecturer
  • ME40006 Biomedical Research Frontiers, Lecturer
  • BE11001 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, Lecturer