Slawomir Lezala

Research Infrastructure Engineer

Health and Clinical Services, School of Medicine

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+44 (0)1382 383129


I have currently been studying Computing Networks Management and Design in Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

My adventure with computing has begun 20 years ago when I built my first PC. 2 years later I was offered a position of IT technician in Poczta Polska (Polish Mail), one of the biggest companies in Poland, equivalent to Royal Mail in UK. I was responsible for hardware, network infrastructure and staff training in 20 local branches. That job gave me an opportunity to explore many different aspects of IT such as hardware repairs, programming and administering local area networks. I have moved to Scotland in March 2006. I was working as an optical lab technician for 7 years but an interest in computing has never left me. That is why I decided to study Computer Networking and Internet Technology in Dundee and Angus College. I graduated from college in 2015 and I decided to continue my education in Robert Gordon University.