Dr Paul Fettes

Clinical Skills Champion for Mastery Learning

Undergraduate Medicine, School of Medicine

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+44 (0)1382 383551


Paul graduated from degrees in Medicine, and in Physiology and Sport Science at Glasgow University. He then worked in the west of Scotland, Australia, Torquay and Bristol before coming to Dundee. He is a consultant anaesthetist with an interest in paediatric anaesthesia and teaching. He is teaching lead for anaesthesia, and is responsible for teaching and examination of anaesthesia, acute care and resuscitation across the undergraduate medical curriculum. This has included a redesign and the delivery of the 4th year acute care / anaesthesia block, involvement with emergency and acute medicine in the design and delivery of a new 5th year four week acute care block, design and implementation of a teaching website and an acute care website.

Outside of work Paul loves spending time with his family, travel, the outdoors and most forms of physical punishment. He completed the Ironman Austria triathlon in 2012 in 40C.


Research in cardiopulmonary exercise testing.

Research in regional anaesthesia.


Undergraduate: Teaching Lead for anaesthesia: responsible for delivery of teaching and examination of anaesthesia and acute care throughout the medical curriculum.

4th year Acute Care / anaesthesia.

5th year Acute Care block and APART course.

Postgraduate: Lead Education Supervisor for Core Trainees in Anaesthesia.

ALS, ILS, APLS and PLS instructor.