Megan-Rose Birdsall

Member of Court

Secretariat, Academic and Corporate Governance

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Megan-Rose was elected to her second term as the Vice President of Fundraising in April 2021 and when she took office in July 2021, she was then chosen to become the Independent Member of Court alongside the role. Her representation of the student body did not start here as she was co-opted onto the Student Representative council as the first Women’s Representative in 2019.

Megan-Rose is also going into her final year of a Dual Qualifying Law Degree.

Declared Interests

Declared Interests
Start date on Court 1 August 2021
Employment  None
Directorships Board of Trustees for DUSA


Other pecuniary interests None
Any other disclosure
  1. Student executive as a non-sabbatical officer
  2. Full-time student at the University of Dundee
Related parties None
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