Matthew Dalziel

Senior Lecturer

Contemporary Art Practice, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design

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Matthew Dalziel is co-director of the fine art studio Dalziel + Scullion. They use sculpture, photography, video and sound, to make artworks that distil and interpret Nature.

They collaborate with conservation bodies, landowners, developers, botanists, ecologists, curators, museums and composers amongst others. They strive to understand the context and the place their artworks will exist in, investigating ways that art can focus attention on and amplify particular aspects of the ecology of a place; its authentic features and unique character. ‘Our artworks become conduits between people and nature, helping audiences experience our shared environment from alternative perspectives, re-establishing our connection with the natural world and the non-human species we live alongside.’ 

Louise Scullion (Dalziel + Scullion) have been selected for important national and international exhibitions including the British Art Show and the Venice Biennale and have been awarded numerous awards and prizes including the Saltire Society Award for Art in Architecture, the Saltire Society Award for Art in Public Places, the Eco Prize for Creativity and were short-listed for the international Artes Mundi Prize. They are frequently invited to speak at conferences and symposiums on the subject of art and ecology including: Tipping Point, Berlin; the Scottish Governments Arts and Environment Scotland, Climate Change, Gauging the Temperature at The University of Wales, Fieldworks at Tate Modern and Art and Nature at Tate Britain.