Dr Madalina Toma

Research Fellow

Nursing and Health Sciences Office, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

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11 Airlie Place


Madalina is currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher for the Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre (SISCC). Prior to this, she has been interested in Critical Disabilities Studies, being involved in various research projects  that explored the biopsychosocial model for recovery of children and young people diagnosed with a wide range of emotional and behavioural conditions. This forms one strand of her wider research into the economic, social and cultural determinants of mental health. More specifically Madalina was particularly interested in the conceputalisation of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as a clinical diagnosis, comparing and contrasting the discourses that constitute the condition within different contexts, processes and environments. Her second research strand is focused on improving the psychosocial outcomes and enhancing quality of life for older people requiring rehabilitation and recovery. This more recent development is situated within the disability arts movement, including research on the impact of arts on health and wellbeing and the role of creative engagement as a non-medicalised intervention. Her methodological knowledge and expertise are mainly mixed methods, allowing her to develop advanced skills in the design and conduct of clinical trials, cross-sectional surveys, instrument development, quality improvement methods as well as various qualitative research approaches and evidence synthesis.